Monday, May 14, 2012

3D Wall Art

I indulge in many forms of art and craft but the one form that I practice o a larger scale is that of the 3D Wall Art.
This technique resembles Relief work because of the common element of embossing the design, but the process of making these paintings is completely different. I use a ceramic paste for the embossing. Once the design is embossed, I put textures on the entire designs in form of various patterns. It is then colored with Coffee ( yup!!! instant coffee to be precise :)) for all the browns and beiges and acrylic colors are used for brighter hues.

For example, in the following art work, the flowers and leaves are colored using acrylic colors and the rest of the painting is stained with coffee.

Hope you enjoy looking at the photos :) :)

More art work to come up very soon

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